The Home Screen

Upon launching palmEM, you will notice the main interface consisting of the following components:

  • Search Bar: Enter keywords, abbreviations, or phrases to search for specific information.
  • Top Tab Bar: Categories, Medications, and PediTape
  • Bottom Tab Bar: Home screen tab, Bookmarks tab, Search tab



This tab is your centralized hub for quickly diving into the wide array of frequently encountered conditions.

  • Categories is a list of systems and topics optimally organized to quickly find what you need.
  • Selecting a Category unfolds into a wealth of subtopics, including clinical decision rules, pearls, guidelines, interactive calculators, and treatment considerations and recommendations. And it is all fully referenced!



The Medications tab provides immediate access to a comprehensive list of commonly used medications.

  • Here, you can rapidly find specific medications or browse through to gather detailed insights on dosages, indications, contraindications, and essential administration guidelines.
  • Quick reference to ACLS, PALS, airway and RSI, anaphylaxis and allergy, toxicologic antidotes, antihypertensives, local anesthetics, pressors, procedural sedation, psychiatric, and anticonvulsant medications are included here.



PediTape incorporates a comprehensive database of weight-based clinical information, ensuring accurate dosing and management decisions for pediatric patients.

  • PediTape includes weight-based information on vital signs, equipment, fluid and blood products, airway, resuscitation, allergy, asthma, croup, procedural sedation, seizure, and more.
  • The Peditape section is always accessible without the need for a subscription and remains completely free for all users.

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