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Migrating Your Notes: Transitioning from Legacy Versions of palmEM

This article will guide you on how to retrieve your notes saved in palmEM prior to version 10 and explain the advancements in data security that prompted this change.

Installation and Accounts

Start by downloading and installing palmEM on your mobile device from the respective app store.

Legacy User Subscriptions

A palmEM subscription ensures you have continuous and up-to-date access to the app’s resources. Here’s a detailed look at subscription management.


Welcome to the documentation knowledge base for palmEM. Here, you will find all the information you need to effectively use and navigate through the various features and functions of the app.

The Home Screen

Upon launching palmEM, you will notice the main interface consisting of the following components:

Getting Started with palmEM AI

Welcome to palmEM AI!

Key Features and Benefits

Whether you are a medical student, resident, or seasoned healthcare professional, palmEM is designed to enhance your clinical practice and support evidence-based decision making.

Resolving Login Problems

If you are encountering difficulties signing in to your palmEM account, first ensure that you are using the correct username and password.

Searching palmEM

To utilize the search function in palmEM, start by tapping the search bar located at the top of the home screen. 


Bookmarks in palmEM allow you to save your favorite topics for quick and convenient access at a later time. 

Common Solutions

If palmEM crashes or freezes, or specific content or pages within the app are not loading...


palmEM allows you to personalize the app by adding your own notes to any topic. This feature provides you with an interactive platform to annotate content with your observations, thoughts, or additional resources.