Installation and Accounts

Start by downloading and installing palmEM on your mobile device from the respective app store.

Upon opening the app for the first time, palmEM may request permission to send notifications. These notifications can provide valuable updates, important alerts, or periodic reminders regarding the app’s content or new features.

To grant permission, tap “Allow” when the notification prompt appears. If you wish to enable or adjust notifications later, you can do so through your device’s settings.

New User: Creating an Account

If you are a new user, start by creating an account within the palmEM app by entering your email address, creating a password, and tapping 'Continue with email.'

Alternatively, palmEM supports the convenience of using 'Sign In with Apple' and 'Sign In with Google.'

If you prefer to create or access your account without entering a password, select one of these options during the login process. Follow the provided prompts and, if necessary, enter your Apple or Google account credentials to gain access to your palmEM account.

Existing User: Logging In

If you already have a palmEM account, simply select the 'Sign In' option and enter your email and password to log in.

You can also use 'Sign In with Apple' or 'Sign In with Google' to gain access to your account. These sign in options conveniently allow you to log in without using a password. These options are available even if you used a password to create your account.

Password Recovery

If you forgot your password, tap the “Forgot Password?” link on the Sign In screen to reset your password. Alternatively, you can use 'Sign In with Apple' or 'Sign In with Google' to log in to your account without using a password. 

Please note that the availability of particular sign-in options may vary depending on the platform and app version you are using. 

If you encounter any issues while creating an account, logging in, or recovering your password, consult the troubleshooting section in the knowledge base or reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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