Bookmarks in palmEM allow you to save your favorite topics for quick and convenient access at a later time. This feature ensures that you can easily locate and revisit important information whenever needed.

Bookmarking a Topic

When you come across a topic you want to save for later reference, simply tap on the bookmark icon located next to the topic title. This action adds the topic to your list of bookmarks for future access.

Accessing Your Bookmarked Topics

To view your bookmarked topics, navigate to the bookmarks tab. This tab is conveniently located on the bottom tab bar of the app.

Once you open the bookmarks tab, you’ll find a list of all the topics you’ve bookmarked. This list is organized to facilitate quick and easy access to your saved information.

Managing Bookmarks

Your bookmarked topics can be revisited as often as needed.

To remove a topic from your bookmarks, you have two options:

  1. Tap the bookmark icon next to the topic again. This action will un-bookmark the topic.
  2. Alternatively, you can swipe left on a bookmarked topic within the bookmarks tab.

The bookmark feature in palmEM is designed so you can personalize the app to your specific requirements. By bookmarking and efficiently managing your topics, you ensure that essential information is always just a tap or swipe away. You can personalize your learning, quickly retrieve essential information, and have uninterrupted access to critical references.

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