palmEM allows you to personalize the app by adding your own notes to any topic. This feature provides you with an interactive platform to annotate content with your observations, thoughts, or additional resources.

Adding Notes

  1. To add personal notes to a topic, navigate to the specific topic within the app.
  2. There, tap the notes icon, which is located on the right side of the title bar.
  3. A text input field will be displayed where you can enter your own information to the topic.


Automatic Saving

Your notes are automatically saved as soon as you add them. There’s no need to worry about losing your typed text.

Your notes are saved to your palmEM account and will be available on any device you use to log in to your account.


Accessing and Editing Notes

Your notes are always just a tap away. Whenever you revisit the topic, tap on the notes icon to view or edit your notes.

Your note will be displayed and can be edited as required, with changes being again saved automatically.


By adding personal notes to topics, you create a tailored reference resource that aligns with your unique practice style and needs, further empowering your efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.

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