Common Solutions

App Crashes or Freezes

If palmEM crashes or freezes, or specific content or pages within the app are not loading:

  • Close the app and reopen it.
  • Check if palmEM needs an update.
  • Restart your device to clear any temporary conflicts.
  • For persistent issues, uninstalling and reinstalling the app can often resolve these glitches. Your notes will still be available after reinstalling.

Issues with Notes Synchronization

If your notes aren’t syncing across devices:

  • Ensure all devices are using the same palmEM account.
  • Check your internet connection on each device.
  • Log out and back into your account on each device.
  • Check whether the app needs updating. If a newer version is available, update the app on all devices and retry the saving process.
  • If your device storage is nearly full, try freeing up some space as it may be causing the app not to save data correctly.

Bookmarks in palmEM are device-specific, allowing for a personalized experience on each device you use. This feature ensures that your bookmarks cater to the unique context and needs you have when using different devices. 

To maintain different sets of bookmarks on separate devices, simply add bookmarks as usual on each device.

If the solutions provided above do not resolve your issue, or you are facing a problem not listed here, please contact our dedicated palmEM support team. Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue, including any error messages and the steps leading up to the problem, which will help us in diagnosing and resolving it. 

We strive to make your experience with palmEM smooth and efficient; however, we understand that technical issues can sometimes occur. We’re here to help and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve all troubleshooting concerns.

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